BTA WAGABUNDA bike-rental statute

bike rental


1. Bike rental takes place only according to the following statute, on the basis of the written contract between our bike-rental and an adult customer, hereinafter user. User has to be adult and show his identity card or passeport and another document with his photograph.


2. The payment for the rental is collected in advance.


3. The moment of rental, we take a returnable deposit. For each bike, it is 200 zł + Identity document (ID card, driving licnce, passeport) or 700 zł.


4. Wagabunda staff can refuse the rental of bike without giving reason.


5. Renting a bike, user assume the responsability for any damage made on the bike during his utilization from the moment of signing a contract to the moment of returning a bike. It is forbidden to give the bike to any third person. The responsability for any damage made by the third person is bear by the user.

In case of use incompatible with normal application, any damage or theft, the user is obliged to cover all the expenses and to pay for the rental.


6. The charge for one bike stolen is 800 zł.


7. The user is the one person responsible for any accident or damage that occurs during the period of rental. As a participant of a road traffic, the user is obliged to obey the traffic regulations. The user withdraws any claim against the bike-rental  on the grounds of any accident or damage that occured during the utilization of bikes.


8. The user assume the responsability for placing the bike and its equippement in safety.  While using a bike, it is forbidden to be drunk or intoxicated by any stupefacient.


9. Bike-rental guarantee that all the bikes are in working order. All of them are equipped according to the traffic regulations.


10. The moment of rental, the bike is in working order and it should be returned in the same condition.


11. The bike should be returned the fixed date. Returning a bike after the payed period causes the prolongation of rental that should be paid according to the price list included in contract. The prolongation should be announced to the bike-rental staff tel. +48 693 279 597


12. The place of renting and raturning the bike is announced in the contract.


13. The bikes’ delivery is fixed individually and it depends on the number of bikes and the distance.


bike rental



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